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YouTube Art Rendered Traditionally


Because of the pandemic, we have all been watching more YouTube than we ever would. After months of isolation with only the screen of your phone (or tablet) to keep you warm, casting off the digital shackles and returning to a hands-on way of life becomes appealing. In the spirit of analogue ways, YART is a digital exhibition dedicated to creating traditional paintings, drawings, woodcuts, etc., of your favourite YouTube videos, celebrities, scenes, sketches, etc. These paintings will be published on our BlankSpace webpage and Facebook page, and if we get enough submissions we will publish them in an official coffee table art book!

Submission Criteria:

  1. The paintings should be original (painted by you) and owned by you (you haven’t sold it or the rights to someone else).

  2. It should be previously unpublished in an official capacity (that means you haven’t published it with another website or publisher—but it’s ok if you have previously published it on your own social media accounts).

  3. You will be granting us publication rights for online display, gallery display, and a potential book if we get enough submissions.

  4. We are trying to avoid submissions of digital art created through Photoshop—remember, we’re looking for TRADITIONAL artwork of digital culture. However, works of digital art may be accepted, depending on how awesome they are.

  5. Submit the highest quality image possible (300 dpi) so that we can see the paint strokes and/or paper grain in detail.

  6. Submit a quick bio of yourself including your name and where you’re from, and feel free to include other info about your hobbies or interests or professional background.

  7. Submit a 50 – 100 word description of the image (what’s the story behind the person, scene, video), and include a link to the YouTube video it’s based on.


That’s it!


Please share a link to our festival page with anyone who might be interested! The festival will run through May and June 2020, but we may extend it depending on response. We’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Sit on You (Palmer Scott) Oil on Canvas

Sit On You

Celebrity: Palmer Scott

Oil on Canvas - 20 x 24

By Jeffrey Douglas - 2019

* * *
Bedroom Intruder - Antoine Dodson Oil on

Bed Intruder Song

Celebrity: Antoine Dodson

Oil on Water Colour Paper - 10 x 12

By Jeffrey Douglas - 2020

* * *
Willy Bum Bum - Oil on Canvas --

Willy Bum Bum

Celebrity: ALIEN REd WOLf

Oil on Canvas - 26 x 30

By Jeffrey Douglas - 2019/20

* * *

"The Universe"

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

Celebrity: Time Heidecker

Oil on Canvas - 10 x 12

By Jeffrey Douglas - September 2020

* * *

Room for More!

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