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Queries about what we do? Have a cool idea to pitch that will fit with our media? Want to send us a moralizing rant about our gratuitous exhibition of body parts in our children's books? See the form below.


BlankSpace Publications is seeking submissions from talented artists, designers, writers, social media demigods, Twitter trolls with hearts of gold, failed YouTube celebrities, etc. In essence, if you’re media-adept and have a book, graphic novel, or other awesome project you would like to pitch for publication, contact us posthaste. We work with everyone from emerging artists to established media personalities with millions of followers and subscribers. To learn more about us, click here and here, and check out our home page here.

Artist Submission Agreement:

If you are an artist who has a short series of images or other artistic work that you would like to publish with us, see our Artist Agreement here.

General Submission Instructions:


Submit a short cover letter in the form below detailing your project, your experience, and your involvement in social media. Also offer us a pitch for how you would get the word out about your project. Include links to samples of media or images you have already produced.



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