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Trevor Losh-Johnson & Ken Johnson

Trevor Losh-Johnson (left) lives in a small college town in Southern California, beneath the hills that border the San Gabriel Mountain Range. This region of America is susceptible to earthquakes and fires. In Cabazon is his first book. Ken Johnson (right) lives in that same Californian college town, painting, photographing, and generally trying to make sense of things. In addition to exhibiting work throughout his native United States, he has been exhibited internationally in Australia and Canada, and is a member of the Society of Layerists in Multimedia.


Visit Ken's websites to view his visual art and ongoing book publications:

Carolyn Dineen

Carolyn Dineen is an independent illustrator and freelance writer. When she is not drawing pictures of nauseated children, she works at her local library, wherever that may be, in her role as Master of Information. The Big Book of Nightmares and Childhood Fears is her first full-length book project as a contributing artist. She currently lives in the UK.

Daniel Fowler (a.k.a. Alien REd WOLf)

Alien REd WOLf (a.k.a. Daniel Fowler) is the creator of the viral You Tube masterpiece Willy Bum Bum, and the author of Willy Bum Bum: The Completely Unnecessary Book. Born in the UK, he currently resides in Thornbury, Australia. By day he is the mild-mannered owner/operator of his own graphic design business; by night he creates stuff like this:

Patrick Casey

Dr. Patrick Casey hails from the projects of Kitchener, Ontario (formerly New Berlin). Aside from being a professional pet food tester in his spare time, he has helped translate texts to German—most notably, Pimmel Popo (Willy Bum Bum). He has been an editor with BlankSpace since 2013, and worked on Under the Trees, Eaten, Bob's Arcade, and Willy Bum Bum: The Completely Unnecessary Book. He also started doing stand-up comedy around 2012, and has amassed a total of $15 in comedy career earnings, which he did not claim on his taxes.

Dr. Audrey

When she’s not busy teaching literature and translation, Dr. Audrey likes to translate necessary and unnecessary books. She also likes good puns, good food and good music. Originally from France, she currently lives in Montreal.

Quand elle n’enseigne pas la littérature et la traduction, Dr. Audrey aime traduire des livres futiles et utiles. Elle aime aussi les bons jeux de mots, la bonne bouffe et la bonne musique.

Adam Riggio

Adam Riggio is a Newfoundland-raised and Hamilton-based writer of fiction, plays, and non-fiction. Coming from his birthplace in St. John’s to complete a doctorate in philosophy, he settled in Hamilton out of love for its friendly attitudes and the (somewhat) affordable rent. He has published articles in Environmental Ethics and Doctor Who and Philosophy, and his most recent book, Ecology, Ethics, and the Future of Humanity (2015), is published by Palgrave Macmillan. Under the Trees, Eaten is his first book of fiction. Adam blogs at, and tweets at @adamriggio.

Duru-Gungor-Profile (2)_edited.jpg
Duru Güngör

Duru Güngör has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and is a professor of something or other in London, Ontario. She dedicates her spare time to writing, translating, and painting. Pipi Popo (Willy Bum Bum) is her second book-length Turkish translation. She is currently collaborating on an art project called Glenwillow Fur Farm, which re-envisions defunct farm machinery and rural garbage as aesthetic objects worthy of canvas. One day, she’ll achieve her dream to become a cyborg donkey bee. She divides her time between her native Turkey and Canada. Visit Duru's personal website here to see more of her artwork and creative writing.

Combine Throne - Digital Photo - 2019 -
Jeffrey Douglas

Jeffrey Douglas has been a corn detasseler, tobacco primer, grocery store bag boy, machine shop custodian, dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant, toilet cleaner, and a Professor of English and Communications. He exhibits photographs of garbage and constructs crude animated shorts—some of which have been screened at the Ottawa International Animation Festival and the Canadian Film Centre—and has published poetry, artwork and essays with several Canadian magazines (Qwerty, filling Station, The Torontoist, English Studies in Canada). He is the illustrator and historian for Bob’s Arcade. His current historical-photographic project can be seen here.

David Boylan

Dave Boylan is a sometimes musician, occasional writer, and reluctant artist who has edited for BlankSpace Publications since its inception in 2012. He has contributed to editorial and design consultation for Under the Trees, Eaten, Bob's Arcade, and In Cabazon. Dave also has an academic writing background and secured his PhD in English Lit from McGill University in Montreal in 2019. His book-length project on non-places is archived in the bowels of the university library like potatoes in a cellar, never to see the light of day again.

Gurnoor Sethi - Profile (1).jpg
Bat Man Dong

Mr. Dong is a social media influencer from The Most Northern Point (look it up on Google Maps; it's a place). You Jump I Jump! Jump Your Sister! is his first book and animated video. See his page here and watch the cartoon on YouTube here. He is currently at work on The Noisy Tunnel, a children's book on gastrointestinal awareness and colon health. Secure your bum tunnel; see you bum doctor today!

Gurnoor Sethi

Gurnoor Sethi is a visual artist from Delhi, India. Her love of photography began by examining family photo albums of road trips she took in her youth. She is the creative mind behind Forestveins, a photography project that engages themes of identity, disassociation, displacement, environment and ruin through glitch techniques. Through exploring the confluences of corporeal-, digital-, and hyper-realities, her artwork highlights the psychological disassociation of human subjects and urban space in relation to natural environments.

Rod Turick

Rod Turick is a content generator who finds dynamic solutions to complex  problems. He can both synthesize and syngergize document fundamentals through the application of key performance indicators. Visit Rod's page HERE.


The dedicated editors at BlankSpace—who are paid for their services in turnips, pignuts, and other edible roots—thank you for supporting independent publication. They're happy that their image is being used for something, because it took a lot longer to create than one might think.  

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