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BlankSpace Who?


BlankSpace Publications is a collective of writers, artists, designers and editors with an interest in the unconventional and a taste for the visceral. Our people are scattered across the globe but our main base of operation is in London, Ontario, Canada. We publish narrative media in the categories of general fiction, young adult, adolescent and mixed-media song/poetry. We are a collaborative enterprise where artists, writers and designers can come together to produce unique projects for an ever-changing audience.

The New Media Thing is a Thing


Simply put, we do narrative-driven media: stories that will translate well to apps, interactive blogs, digital games, film, collectibles, etc. Examples of our thematic interest: stories on counterculture (or anything counter-), stories written from unique/bizarre perspectives, stories with well-developed but strange casts of characters, stories that make the familiar unfamiliar——the visceral, the contentious, the unabashed, the new.

Providing [     ] for New Artists


The name "BlankSpace" represents a tabula rasa space of experimentation. Mainly it embodies our mission to provide space for new writers, designers and artists. We would like to hear from both new and established artists who have an interest in exploring innovative ways to fuse narrative and media production. 




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