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BlankSpace Who?


BlankSpace Publications is a collective of artists, writers, and designers that focuses on narrative-driven media: stories that translate well to apps, digital/board games, YouTube videos, collectibles, interactive blogs, traditional books, etc. We do a little of everything—whatever interests us. Our reach is international but our main base of operation is in London, Ontario. Contact us here.

Our newest project is a board game called Imp’s Quest, which is made in the pixel-art style of 8-bit RPGs of old. Other notable works include: producer for a YouTube video/song called Super Creep: The Movie, starring former Adult Swim actor Palmer Scott (the “sit-on-you” guy) from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show; an adolescent graphic/horror novel called The Big Book of Nightmares and Childhood Fears (2013); another board game called Overhale (2021); and a ridiculous book called Willy Bum Bum: The Completely Unnecessary Book (2015), based on a viral YouTube video, and translated into five languages (with more to come!).

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