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BlankSpace Publications is proud to sponsor author Jonathan Rivard in his debut to the literary scene with a title that epitomizes both literary and celebrity culture. The Pocket Guide to Celebrity Farts is the first and only review book of celebrity flatulence. The book was written by Rivard, a fatigued Canadian municipal employee, over 2018 and 2019. What began as an unsolicited and largely unwanted text thread to friends quickly grew into something bigger.

The book features 50 celebrities, and includes beautiful descriptions and ratings of your favourite celebrity's scents.  Each celebrity is beautifully illustrated by the immensely talented Anna Kożdoń. It's the highest-brow low-brow book you'll ever read.


The book also includes:

  • A detailed history of flatulence appreciation and critique

  • A beginners guide to identify flatulence, and a taxonomy of flatulence types

  • Concrete steps to better appreciate the flatulence around you

  • More!

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