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Douglas in Canada

A History of the Douglas Family
in Canada, Middlesex County, Ontario

This page is a photo-documentary project exploring Douglas family history in Upper Canada (i.e., Ontario) from 1840 to present-day. Because the Douglas family has been a part of the pioneer history of Canada, this page offers a vignette of the larger family narrative. Feel free to comment on images below using the "comments" box if you have details or stories to add regarding the people, places, dates, and significant events depicted in the images. The goal of this project is to gather narratives and compile a coherent chronological history of the Douglases descended from William Douglas, who immigrated from Scotland in 1840 and eventually settled in Brooke and Adelaide townships in Ontario. More pictures will be added over time. If you have pictures you would like to add, please send high quality images to


- Dr. Jeffrey Douglas, Professor of English and Communications

Fanshawe College, London, Ontario


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