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Inadale Acres

Inadale Drive, Strathroy

Inadale Acres.

LOT 9, CON 14

 Adelaide-Metcalfe Township


5550 Inadale Dr,

Strathroy, ON

N7G 3H4

2020 - The Year of Clarity

(Introduction: May 12, 2020)

2020 is a significant year for many reasons. Aside from the most significant event to happen this year (the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, for those literally living under a rock), the year 2020 is symbolic in its nomenclature. Back in the time "before," as it's now being called, I was making plans to do things this year that seemed the most no-brainier, the most clear, those things right in front of your nose but lose sight of in the static of work, lawn maintenance, Netflixing and other frivolous expenditures of time. 2020 by its name is the year of clarity, of soul searching, of perfect vision, the year to stop casting your eyes askance and to look at the things in front of you.


The pandemic serves a purpose in this regard. With the usual cadence of life interrupted, we now have time to see the tangible things we might otherwise ignore. It was in the spirit of this year of clarity that I finally decided to go Thoreau and take up a hoe. I'm not moving to the woods, but I do hope to live deliberately.

I am no stranger to gardening. I've done my share over the years. But gardening on any sort of real scale is something I haven't tried, even though I have been managing our family farm with my father for the past ten years. There were always plans. Incessant and immaterial plans. But it is 2020.

So with hoe in hand, I am working with my cousin and my wife (and my 7-month-old son, who is generally weak about the upper body and can't quite grip a shovel) to plant a half acre of vegetables. What follows is a journal of our triumphs and trials, adventures and misadventures. This thing could end in complete failure. So this may end up being a journal about why I will never garden again.

Over the coming weeks I will post pictures and brief updates about how things are going. Feel free to follow along and comment. But first:

I need a better hoe.

Inadale Acres Journal (14).2.jpg


Property Address: 5550 Inadale Drive, Strathroy, ON, N7G 3H4

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