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YouTube Art Rendered Traditionally


Because of the pandemic, we have all been watching more YouTube than we ever would. After months of isolation with only the screen of my phone to keep me warm, I decided to cast off the digital shackles of the cyberverse in a dramatic flourish (sort of) and return to a more hands-on way of life. YART is a digital exhibition born out of that tension between digital and analogue worlds. In the spirit of analogue ways, YART is dedicated to creating traditional paintings, drawings, woodcuts, etc., of my (and hopefully your) favourite YouTube videos, celebrities, scenes, sketches, etc.

My Self-Imposed Criteria:


  1. The video/images must have originated on YouTube or were made popular on YouTube. This means that videos originating outside of YouTube are fair game, as long as they have a strong representation on YouTube or social media in general.

  2. The image/video can also be of a popular meme that is represented on YouTube or social media.

  3. I am avoiding any digital art created through Photoshop—remember, I'm creating TRADITIONAL artwork of digital culture—but I may use a digital image as a base/guide to work from.


That’s it. Enjoy.


Sit On You

Celebrity: Palmer Scott

Oil on Canvas - 20 x 24

By Jeffrey Douglas - 2019

* * *

Bed Intruder Song

Celebrity: Antoine Dodson

Oil on Water Colour Paper - 10 x 12

By Jeffrey Douglas - 2020

* * *

Willy Bum Bum

Celebrity: ALIEN REd WOLf

Oil on Canvas - 26 x 30

By Jeffrey Douglas - 2019/20

* * *

"The Universe"

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

Celebrity: Tim Heidecker

Oil on Canvas - 10 x 12

(painted in 20 minutes between shifts)

By Jeffrey Douglas - September 2020

* * *

Room for More!

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