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Because BlankSpace has an active exhibition agenda, facebook is the easiest place to post updates and announcements about book launches and readings. So for the most current news, please visit our facebook page. And be sure to hammer the "like" button, which has been talking smack about you recently...



July 20, 2013

Warning: Bob's Arcade is coming soon. Visit our "young adult" link for more details. Added Warning: Bob's Arcade contains overt drug references, juvenile misbehaviour and (im)mature language. Now in 8 bits, and featuring over 32 colours!



March 1, 2013

For those of you who enjoy the intermingled musk of old and new book smell, our first two books, In Cabazon and The Big Book of Nightmares, are available at bookshops and art retailers in London and Hamilton, Ontario, and in Claremont, California. Visit our bookstores link on the side menu for a list of retailers.


Support your local shopkeepers!



February 21, 2013


Our adolescent lit selection, The Big Book of Nightmares and Childhood Fears, by S.A. Albtraum and Carolyn E. Dineen, is available for order in paperback, as well as for e-Book download. Print items will be shipped after February 27, 2013.Only 100 copies are available for the initial print run, so you might want to order quickly to get in on the limited first editions. If that doesn't interest you, then just watch this video of a squirrel attack.


Click here to visit the main page for The Big Book of Nightmares, where you may view additional images from the story, and place your order for the paperback version. Click here to download the e-Book from Amazon.



February 20, 2013


Our inaugural book, In Cabazon, by Trevor Losh-Johnson, is part of a signing and exhibition series that has been crawling its way through the Californian suburbs not unlike cytoplasmic ooze emerging from primordial soup. Click here to visit our In Cabazon facebook page, and to view updates on exhibitions and readings. The tour has been underway since November of 2012.


Drop in to wish the author well or ill, whichever you prefer. Free copies will be available to those who picket the events with sandwich boards.


Thanks to the Claremont Courier (located in Claremont, California) and Sarah Torribio for writing a piece on In Cabazon for the November 21, 2012 issue. Click here to view the write-up. Click the logo to the left to visit the Courier's main page.


Dec. 5, 2012

Thanks to Professor Joseph Adamson of McMaster University for plugging In Cabazon on his Northrop Frye blog The Educated Imagination. Click here and here to view the blog and snippets from In Cabazon.





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