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Art Shed

& The Wildflower Project
Native Species - 10 x 8 Oil on Canvas by Jeffrey Douglas - December 2021 - PRINT.png

The Wildflower Project was begun in 2020, a significant year for many reasons. Aside from the most significant event to happen that year (the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, for those living under a rock), the year 2020 is symbolic in its nomenclature. By its very name, 2020 is the year of clarity, of soul searching, of perfect vision, the year to stop casting your eyes askance and to look at the things in front of you. The pandemic serves a purpose in this regard. With the usual cadence of life interrupted, we now have time to see the tangible things we might otherwise ignore. It was in the spirit of this stark year of clarity that I decided to go Thoreau, take up a hoe, and plant a half acre of wildflowers at our family farm. Life can take many twists and turns. Might as well add some beauty where we can.

Art Shed is exactly what it sounds like: a shed filled with art. It’s also filled with revitalized antique wooden furniture appropriated from the family farm house to match the exposed framework, and to give it that Van Goghean “artist’s room” vibe. The shed itself was purchased and relocated from a horse farm located north of London, Ontario, Canada, a detail reflected in the centennial horse-drawn equipment that sits at the entrance to the property.

Just like that rusting equipment, Art Shed has no purpose but to remain where it is, plopped between a bean field and a wildflower sanctuary, until decay sets in.

For now, visiting Art Shed is by invitation only, like the vampire rules. That said, you may schedule an appointment to visit Art Shed via the email address below.


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Rural Exploration.

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