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Haunted Landscapes

Welcome to the Pasture

In an era of globalization, mass resource extraction and human interference in natural environments, does wilderness exist anymore? If evidence of human presence can be found almost anywhere on earth—from the garbage that has accumulated on Mount Everest, to the discarded beer can inhabited by a hermit crab at the bottom of the ocean, to the hum of airplanes overhead—do we need to change our classification of wilderness as that which is untouched by human activity? This project examines how traces of technological interference create ghostly landscapes, where the artifacts of human presence haunt the subsoil to reveal just as much about the past as it does about the future.

Contributor Blogs and Videos:

(some links may be inactive)


Claire Vernon (2022)

(End of the World Survival Guide)

Mckennah Huha (2022)

(Post-Industrial Urb-Ex)

Patricia Goden (2022)

(Eco-Horror Website [DANGER: Squirrels])

Alba Lopez Garavito (2022)

(A Giant Urban Ghost - Columbia)


Stuart Silcox (2022)

(Machines Hidden in Plain Sight)

Karam Alsalhani (2022)

(Ghost Towns and Cities)

Breanne Ireland (2021)

(Residential Schools Video Documentary - Personal Narrative)

Avery Boyes (2022)

(Climate Change Website)

Nicole Larocque (2021)

(Garbage as Artifacts Photo Essay)

Karie Wood (2021)

(Exploring Old Churches)

McKennah Huha (2021)

(Urb-Ex Photo-Documentary)

Eang Ngim Tang (2021)

(Hauntstagram - East London, Ontario)

Alexandra Vanek (2021)

(Abandoned Chatam-Kent Rural Exploration)

Corina Reimer (2021)

(Rural Waste - Rural Exploration)


Matthew Litwinchuk (2021)

(Urb-Ex Photo-Documentary)

Elizabeth Gould (2021)

(Urb-Ex Photo-Documentary)


Nicole Ridley (2020)

(Pandemic Photo-Documentary)

Sierra Joyce (2021)

(Urb-Ex Photo-Documentary)


Meaghan Maass (2021)

(Education is Trash Photo-Documentary)

Haylee Hallema (2021)

(Urb-Ex Photo-Documentary)

Samantha Taylor (2021)

(Graveyard Exploration)

Mackenzie Van Dyk (2021)

(Abandoned Barn Exploration)


Patricia Goden (2021)

(Wortley Village History)

Rayne Jones (2021)

(Personal Photographic Narrative)


Taimi Johnson (2018)

(Ruin and Waste)

Jayme Hudyma (2021)

(Haunting Family History)


Christopher Liddy (2021)

(Post-Apocalyptic Landscapes)

Amy La (2020)

(Pandemic Photo-Documentary)


Madison Miller (2021)

(Urban Exploration of London, Ontario)

Alicia Johnson (2020)

(Pandemic Photo-Documentary)

Jordan Howes​ (2021)

(Rural Exploration)

Dalton Dannis (2020)

Rachel McLean (2020)

(Pandemic Photo-Documentary)

Samuel Mallory (2020)

Jordan Khan (2020)

Faith Hickey (2020)

(Pandemic Photo-Documentary)

Michaela Mitchell (2020)


Mackenzie Trollope (2021)

(Rural Exploration)​

Stephanie Yeung (2021)

(Personal Family Narrative)

Ying Zhang (2021)

(Rural Exploration)

Past Projects...


Samuel Lee

Tarea Heshka

Delta Como

Christopher Perry

Tessa Johnston

Julie Grant:

Kristen Marston

Thomas Gray

Dylan Brubacher

Olivia Peicheff​

(Pandemic Documentary)


Hannah Logan

Jesse Zavitz

Jarod Arand

Kaitlin Dyck


Carmen Tagliabracci

Katelyn Emery

Logan King


Makayla Markell and Christine Belanger  


S. Krizsan & J.Lenkey

Maranda Wilton

Sana Khisay

Taylor McQueen & Vanessa Arena


Selami Cicek

Green Revolutions Websites

Claire Merpaw (2022)

(Environment, Social Media and Consumerism)

Madison Beaulieu (2022)

(Green Spaces & Infrastructure)

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